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Artisan Rosemary Sheep Cheese

Artisanal Rosemary Sheep Cheese is a Spanish cheese made in the same style as Manchego. It is basically the same cheese as the artisanal Manchego - made from raw Manchega sheep milk - but coated with lard and rosemary and therefore no longer called Manchego.

It is produced in the same dairy as our award-winning Gran Valle Manchego PDO and its raw milk version. Our Manchego dairy maintain this ancient tradition alive even though it entails intensive and time-consuming hand labor to cover the cheese with herbs. Once the cheese has absorbed the rosemary aroma, it is cleaned and covered again with fresh herbs and Iberian pig lard just as every family has done for centuries. The rosemary, which is one of the most relevant herbs of the Spanish countryside, provides this artisanal cheese with a fresh flavor and a rustic look, distinctive on the table. The cheese is firm but creamy and not at all dry.

Awarded the Gold medal at the 2014 World Cheese Awards.

Gold 2014 World Cheese Awards

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