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Cabrales P.D.O.

Cabrales P.D.O. is a world-wide known Spanish cheese from Asturias.

Cabrales is a natural cheese made in the artisan tradition by rural family dairy farmers in the county of Cabrales, in the heart of the Picos de Europa mountain range in Spain.

The P.D.O. allows Cabrales from raw cow milk or from a different blends of cow, sheep and goat raw milks, depending on the availability of milk in the region. The milk comes exclusively from cattle registered at the P.D.O. that grazes in the mountain pastures. 

Cabrales P.D.O. is matured during four months in natural limestone caves with high humidity, favoring the development of penicillium molds, yielding veins of blue-greenish color.

Cabrales is compact but crumbly with a unique, long lasting, developed and piquant taste for lovers of strong cheeses. Its aroma is also strong, typical of matured blue cheese.

Cabrales is excellent with Bonvallis Olive Oil Tortas, fresh bread or crackers and makes a beautiful and flavorful addition to a tapas plate. it is also great for sauces to accompany meat or vegetable dishes. Best served to end a perfect meal with fruit trays. Pairs with local ciders and chilled sweet wines.



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