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La Serena is a very unique cheese due to the fact that this cheese is made exclusively from the whole and very thick raw milk of the Merina sheep which is famous for his wool and meat production in La Serena area of Extremadura. Made with vegetable rennet, its paste is soft and thick and it has a natural washed rind. It has a very buttery flavor and a spreadable texture. The taste has bitter after-tones with an aroma of sheep’s milk. The cheese should be kept at 20º C at l east 24 hours before consuming in order to enjoy its optimal texture and flavour. The top should then be removed and the inside stirred to achieve a uniform paste ideal for spreading.


  • Item Code: 8383-02.1
  • Nett weight: 0.750
  • Shape: Cylindrica
  • Units in box: 6
  • Degree of Ripeness: 2 m
  • Best Before: 3-4 m
  • Extremadura
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