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It is produced in the central and southern parts of the Extremadura region where the summers are long and hot and the winters are short and mild. As a result, a thin layer of top soil gives rise to herbaceous plants of high nutritional value as well as oaks, bushes and cork oaks. Entrefina and Merina sheep graze upon these pastures yielding flavourful milk. Torta del Casar is made from sheep´s raw milk, salt and the “cuajo” plant (Cynara Cardunclus, also known as artichoke thistle or wild artichoke) and aged for 60 days. This D.O.P. cheese has a fine, soft delicate rind with a yellowish colour and light mold spotting. The inside is creamy and spreadable, almost spoonable. With a special aroma and strong mature taste, Torta del Casar is also slightly salty and bitter due to the use of the “cuajo” plant. Torta del Casar must be enjoyed at room temperature. If the cheese is going to be consumed within a few days, the top of the cheese is removed as if removing a lid and the cheese is best served spread over lightly toast bread. If the cheese is going to be a longer period of time, it is advisable to cut the cheese in portions when cold, wrapping and storing each piece individually.


  • Item Code: 5555-02
  • Nett weight: 0.650
  • Shape: Cylindrica
  • Units in box: 6
  • Degree of Ripeness: min.60 d
  • Best Before: 3 m
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