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rtisan made cheese from the region of Catalonia, elaborated with pasteurized sheep's milk. The wheels are about 3 inches tall, with a natural rind coated with gray and brown molds. The interior is pale gold and firm, somewhat sweet in aroma and slightly earthy or nutty in flavour. One sniff and you know you have a cheese that can take the place of dessert. Small crystallized protein deposits can be seen throughout the paste as it is sliced, which provide a distinct but soft crunch when eaten. Notice the cheese's impeccable balance, an interplay of sweetness, acidity and salt that leaves you craving another taste.


  • Item Code: 3950-04
  • Nett weight: 2.000
  • Shape: Cylindrica
  • Units in box: 4
  • Degree of Ripeness: 4 m
  • Best Before: 10 m
  • Cataluña
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