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The sheep cheese with lard and rosemary is produced in the region of La Mancha in Central Spain from 100% sheep's milk, just as Manchego and many other Spanish cheeses are. This cheese combines one of the most prevalent herbs of the Spanish countryside, rosemary, with the lard of Iberian pig and rich sheep's milk cheese. The beauty of this aromatic wheel goes beyond the spiced coating. of the cheese with the lard imparts a wonderful flavour into the cheese. The typical Manchego consistency and flavour, along with the new bouquet resulting from slow-curing with rosemary, exceeds expectations of the discerning cheese lovers. The herbs also lend the wheels a rustic, natural appearance.


  • Item Code: 00053-01
  • Nett weight: 2.000
  • Shape: Cylindrica
  • Units in box: 2
  • Degree of Ripeness: 6 m
  • Best Before: 12 m
  • Castilla-La Mancha
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