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Blue mold soft goat cheese from Somontano

This excellent soft-ripened goat cheese covered in blue mold is produced in the beautiful Somontano region, close to the Pyrenees Mountains of Huesca. Using only pasteurized goat milk from their own herds, it is hand-made by lactic coagulation and is completely natural, with no additives or preservatives. 

It is very creamy on the palate and the initial acidic taste turns into a long lasting flavor of goat milk with hints of blue cheeses, due to the edible blue mold on the rind. Hints of nuts are also noticeable.

It is matured for 30 days and its optimal ripeness is before 90 days, but, after this period, the cheese simply develops a more intense flavor that is also fantastic.

It pairs ideally with local Somontano PDO wines and natural fruit jams produced in the village.

A masterpiece that was considered the best Spanish Cheese in its category in 2013. Our white mold soft goat cheese from Somontano also comes from the same dairy.

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