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Iberico is a Manchego-style cheese, one of the most eaten in Spain and often sold as Manchego due to it is made in the same type of mold as Manchego, and therefore has the same hatched pattern imprinted into its rind. Iberico is made from a blend of cow’s (max 50%), goat’s (min 15%) and sheep’s milk (min 15%). The blend of milks allows it to obtain the grassy, herbaceous flavors of the goat’s and sheep’s milk while maintaining the smoothness of cow’s milk. This firm cheese is mild, yet tasty and aromatic. It has a smooth, lactic aromatic and creamy flavor.


  • Item Code: 0667-03.2
  • Nett weight: 1,500
  • Shape: Round
  • Units in box: 4
  • Degree of Ripeness: 5 m
  • Packaging: Vacuum
  • Best Before: 12 m
  • Castilla y León
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