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Bonvallis Rosemary Goat cheese

Bonvallis Cabra al Romero, meaning Goat cheese with Rosemary, is made with pasteurised 100% Murciana goat’s milk and coated with rosemary following the traditional method used by the Murcian shepherds from time immemorial. Bonvallis Cabra al Romero comes from the same family-run dairy as our also award-winning Murcia al Vino P.D.O.

The rosemary on the outside gently perfumes the interior and gives it an understated herbal aroma. It is a cheese of an extraordinary bouquet and unique creaminess. The rosemary is added by hand, giving the cheese a special aroma reminiscent of the rural and mountain world.

It has a dense, firm, pale paste infused with rosemary. The flavor is complex, beautifully balanced and lingering, with a lemony finish. It can be eaten on its own or included in aromatic salads.

Awarded the Bronze medal at 2014 World Cheese Awards, the Gold medal in 2013 and the Silver in 2010; the Silver medal at 2010 Wisconsin Cheese Contest and the Gold at DLG German Agricultural Association.


Bronze medal 2014 World Cheese Awards Gold medal 2013 World Cheese Awards Silver medal 2010 World Cheese Awards Silver medal 2010 Wisconsin International Cheese Contest Gold medal 2010 DGL

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